How much of a problem is there?

Only 1 in 4000 women meet the body shape requirements for a model, and so it can seem that women are fighting a losing battle for an unrealistic body image and shape. The media constantly reminds us of ‘thin’ celebrities and the new amazing diet promising you amazing results, and we are bombarded with images of youth and beauty through advertising and films. All these images can inevitably induce feelings of inadequacy and body shame in women, of any age, but perhaps more for those at a more vulnerable age. However, can we blame only the media for the ever-increasing statistics of bulimia? Bulimia can be difficult to notice, especially as the sufferer does not usually lose a large amount of weight, but it is important to realise that bulimia, and eating disorders as a whole, are an important issue and must not be ignored. Some celebrities have talked about their struggle with the illness, including the late Princes Diana, Elton John, Paula Abdul, Sharon Osborne and even John Prescott. Bulimia is a problem and is one not necessarily concerned with simply losing weight, as the problems are deeper than this, and the problem should not be ignored.