What are the long-term effects?

Long-term effects of Bulimia include a dramatic loss of fluids leading to malnourishment. Low mineral levels are also an effect, which affect the working of vital internal organs including low potassium, magnesium and sodium levels all vital for a healthy working body. Ulcers can develop, as can broken blood vessels in the eyes and also gum disease. The stomach may become ruptured, as could the oesophagus, due to vomiting, and prolonged laxative abuse may lead to bowel problems. Menstrual cycles may stop, which may affect a woman’s fertility. There is also an increased risk of developing osteoporosis and a higher risk of developing polycystic vary syndrome (POS) which could also affect fertility. Kidney problems may also occur. Irregular heartbeats may occur also, and the heart may become weaker which could eventually lead to heart failure.